Direct Connect

Gain access to an HR team that supports you and your employees.

Your employees need daily support, however, constantly taking time out of your day to answer HR related questions pulls you away from the most important aspects of the business.  Many of these daily questions may not be as critical to you but are very important to your employees.  Delayed responses can create problems and unhappy employees, all potential problems needed to be addressed down the road.

Forward HR’s direct connect allows our HR team to connect directly with your employees and managers.

HR isn’t easy, which is why we created a team of experts that assists you with answering important employee questions. Whether its Paid time off, payroll or questions on polices and procedures, your Forward HR department will assists your employees in a responsive manner.

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Direct access, Direct support, Direct Connect.

Get the access and support for your employees in order to keep business operations running smoothly.

Payroll support
From assistance logging into payroll system to confirming PTO balances, we can answer many of your employees payroll questions.
Leave Policy Questions
Employees sometimes can be confused with company PTO policies. We will help define your leave policy and how it relates to the individual employee.
Benefit Questions
We can assist in answering questions and concerns regarding eligibility for benefits, or ordering new cards.

Managed HR with ease and confidence

You and your team get HR expertise when and how you want it. Gain access to an HR team that features a relationship with your assigned support professional that knows you and your business and is backed by experts and specialists your employees can access directly.